Viki (personaleclipse) wrote,

1989 world tour

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Taylor Swift and everything that she does, but the US+UK+Netherland+Germany is NOT a world tour... She never even came close to Hungary, so if she won't this time either... IDEK what I'm gonna do, but I don't want to travel to Germany again... I did it 2 years ago, to see Nickelback in Munich (and then last year they came to Hungary, so that would have been a big waste of money if the concert hadn't been better in Munich than it was in Budapest). It's not that it's not nice to see your favourite band/singer whatever and a foregin city, but it's so freakin expensive... So Taylor please pull out a geography book from your ass and plan your tour to more than 4 countries!!
Tags: i really really want to see her but then, taylor swift
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