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Dare to Dair - it's a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain

So I watched 5x13... It wasn't as horrible as I expected it to be (based on the previous 2 episodes), but it shattered my Dair-shipper heart into a billion tiny pieces... The writers keep showing us how beautiful and amazing they would be together, and then the next moment they practically say that noo, Dair won't happen in this lifetime... How cruel is that?! But at the same time, this episode gave me inspiration (which is very rare if it comes to GG, the last time it happened was THE DAIR KISS, the very first one in season 4), and made me re-evaluate some previous episodes which I considered horrific...


the last 2 icons are made because I used to be a hard core Derena-shipper (:

thanks for the caps to homeofthenutty
Tags: couple: dan and blair, couple: dan and serena, episode: the end of the affair, gossip girl, graphic: header, graphic: icon, graphic: wallpaper

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